The four outlet power strip is designed for end users in mind for Automation, Power Saving and Remote Computer monitoring. The three of the four outlets are controlled through the software. In addition to conserving power, the unit allows users to control devices, appliances and lights through their computer. The money spent on PowerUSB is paid back within a months by savings in electricity bills. In addition, this power savings reduce the CO2 footprint on earth.

The PowerUSB has built in current sensor, making it a Power Meter to measure the power consumed by the attached devices.

The digital IO version of the power strip adds the input/output option to the basic model. The input from sensors can be programmed to switch on a motor or a light through the controlled power outlet. The output can be programmed to generate a clock pulse or switch on digital devices programmatically. The attached computer sees the digital input/output through the USB interface.

The watchdog version PowerUSB-watchdog monitors the attached computer/router for a timed heartbeat. This heartbeat is sent from an application in the computer. When the computer locks up for any reason, the heartbeat sent from the computer will stop. At this time the PowerUSB switches off and power resets the computer thus rebooting the computer/router. This feature is useful for remote computers and servers that need to be available on continuous basis.

The smart standalone model offers the functionality of power control without tied to the computer. The standalone power strip can be programmed by connecting to computer. The on times can be programmed for daily or weekly times. The attached peripherals can be switched off during non working hours. The LCD display shows the power consumed through the power strip.

  • Power On/Off lights and appliances remotely
  • Conserve energy by eliminating vampire power
  • Pays for itself within months
  • Measures Power Consumed
  • Integrated digital IO and power control
  • Timed switch on/off of Appliances and Lights
  • Computer watchdog to reset hung computers/routers
  • Software available for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms
  • Software API for third party integration
  • Patent Pending