PowerUSB – Basic Order Now

The PowerUSB is designed to be used with computer to control power to peripheral electronics. The power strip has four outlets out of which one is always on and can be used to power computer. The other three outlets can be controlled through software to power on external devices. The unit is connected to computer thorough provided USB cable. The provided software in the computer controls the state of the three controlled power outlets. One of the outlets can be connected to monitor, another one to printer and the last one could power scanner, speaker, modem, lights etc.  

The current sensing feature of the PowerUSB will let the user know how much power is consumed by the PowerUSB at a given instance and over a period of time.  The power measurement feature also provides software based overload protection in addition to the fused power switch.

One of the controlled outlets has solid sate relay that can be normally on or off. The second controlled outlet has an electro mechanical relay (EMR) that is normally off and can power devices that are normally off. The third controlled outlet contains EMR that is normally on and can power devices that are normally on such as modem.

The PowerUSB can be configured to have the default power up state of controlled outlets as ON or OFF. In ON state, the control ports will power on when the computer is powered on and power off when computer is off. In the OFF state, the control ports will be always off and are powered on by the software running in the computer. The software will be running as a service in the background. User can switch on the devices by using a dialog box or though global hot keys.

The printer outlet can be configured to switch on the printer automatically when a printout is given from any application in the computer. This feature helps in saving vampire power from printer and increasing the printer life when the printer is used infrequently.

Application Examples:

  • Printer, Speaker and Monitor are set to be in off state and switched on only when needed, conserving power
  • Simulator software switches on lights and fans when needed
  • Power Strip is used as a power consumption meter
  • Modem is connected to the controlled outlet. Modem is power reset when network is not detected.
  • Camera in a computer vision system is powered on only when the image is needed.