Automation Simplified with PowerUSB

USB Controlled Power Strip

Outlet control from attached computer. Automation, power saving, remote power control, watchdog etc.

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PowerUSB - Basic

PowerUSB is a four-outlet power strip is designed for automation, power control and remote computer monitoring. This fully integrated, simple to use device is connected to computer via USB. The three of the four outlets are controlled through the software from the attached computer. The device also has built in current sensor, making it a power meter to measure the power consumed by the attached devices

The system comes with graphical software application for Windows, Unix/Linux and Mac operating systems. We also provide command line software and libraries (DLL or Shared objects) that customer can integrate with their application software. The software can be used to control the outlets and measure the power consumption

The PowerUSB comes in three more models built on top of the Basic model. These models support most of the Basic model functions

Power USB - Watchdog

The Watchdog version of the device monitors the attached computer for a timed heartbeat from the computer. When the computer hangs or locks up for any reason, the device detects the missing heartbeat. It resets power to the computer, rebooting the computer. This feature is useful for remote computers or servers that need to be available on continuous basis

PowerUSB - Smart

The Smart version of the device is a programmable device that can work standalone. It offers all the functions of the basic model. Additionally, the on-off times of the outlets can be programmed from the computer and the device can be used independent of the computer. The LCD display shows the power consumed through the power strip.

PowerUSB - Digital IO

The Digital IO version of the device adds digital input/output lines, making it a mini entry level PLC (programmable logic controller). The digital input lines can be programmed to switch on a specific power outlet turning a light or a motor. The output lines can be programmed to generate a clock pulse (or state change) to transmit digital signal to another PLC type device. Full PLC programming can be done with a single dialog box and program stored in PowerUSB. Once programmed the device can be used as a standalone PLC controller. The programming can be done with no knowledge of PLC with a single dialog box.



- Home/Commercial automation. Automatically power on appliances or lights

- Measure power consumed by attached devices with built in current sensing

- Timed switch-on/switch-off of the outlets

- Easy to use software with APIs for 3rd party integration

- Computer watchdog monitors and prevents remote computer hang-ups

- Digital IO works as a programmable power control unit (PLC) for industrial automation

- Smart model works as a standalone programmable power control unit

- Fused protection with surge suppression


- Graphical application to control and program the outlets

- Command line application for batch file processing

- DLL (for Windows) and Shared objects (Linux and Mac) for customer application integration

- Full Windows support and limited Linux/Mac support


- Detect hung remote modem/router and reset without visiting remote site

- Power cycle testing

- Control computer peripherals remotely

- Detect and reboot hung computer (Watchdog)

- Industrial automation with digital inputs/outputs (Digital IO) (E.g. Conveyor transfer system or photo booth)

- Programmable power on/off patterns for timed applications (Smart)


- Four outlets: One always on and Three controlled through USB interface

- Voltage: 110V (100-130V) (220V model available upon request)

- Load: Max 12A current - Max for individual outlet or total load

- Socket type: US style Nema 5 type B (Universal plug adapter will be shipped with 220V model)

- Current measurement: 100mA resolution

- Smart display: 2x16 character LCD

- Digital output digital IO: 5V, 500mA max current

- 6' Power cable and 6' USB cable included

- Fused reset switch for overload protection

- Dimensions: 9.25” L x 3.54” W x 2” H (235mm L, 90mm D, 50mm H)

- Weight: 2lb (900 grams)

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