Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I get the software for the PowerUSB

A: The software can be downloaded from www.pwrusb.com/downloads.html 


Q2. The software is not working my Linux platform. How do I get it working

A: Since there are many variants of Linux, our software may not be compatible on few versions. We have limited support for Linux. We have shared the source code  for shared object (.so) file under www.pwrusb.com/linux/so_source/. You can try to compile it and build the .so file in your environment and your version of linux/ubuntu


Q3. I see some current flowing in the controlled outlets even when it is off. Why does it happen?

A: When using very small load devices on the outlets, you might notice a small current leakage. This is due to snubber circuit the outlets. The snubber circuit is needed to support inductive loads such as motors. If you do not have inductive loads we can help you take out the snubber circuit. Please contact us and we can assist you on 


Q4. The software is not working in my newer Mac. Why?

A: With Catalina OS user needs to provide security access to library file. Use below procedure

Or the below procedure
1. Download the Power USB folder from the website

2. Navigate to executable folder where library and command file is there.

3. Run the command in terminal for powerusb, eg. ./pwrusbcmd 1 1 1
It will display below dialog and click cancel.
If we get permission denied, we just need to run command chmod +x pwrusbcmd.

4. Go to  -> system preferences -> security and privacy.
Here we have to allow anyway for library file.

5. After allowing, if we run the command again, it will display below dialog. Here we just need to open the library file.